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  1. I just finished reading Rosie and Skate! It was an awesome book! Is there going to be a sequel?

    • bethabauman said:

      Thanks so much! No sequel planned, but you might want to check out Jersey Angel, my recent book. It’s the same setting as R&S.

  2. Hi, I am reading Beautiful girls and it is very good but I was wondering if there is a sequel to this? I want to find out what happens to Dani.

    • bethabauman said:

      Thanks! Read Jersey Angel, my newest book. It’s an extended version of Beautiful Girls, though characters and settings have been tweaked and it’s somewhat different.

  3. I am currently reading Jersey Angel and I love it! I got a sample of the book at the beach over the summer so I had to get it when it came out. I will definitely read more of your books!

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